Monday, September 14, 2015

Little By Little

Little by little things are coming together.
Everyone has joined in to share the work load 
and next weekend we should be able to begin 
bringing along work in preparation for hanging.
The movable walls are coming along nicely and 
the cubed storage is assembled. 
Next job is the hanging rails... to hang them 
high or hang them low is the question. ???

Monday, September 7, 2015


Well at last we are in our new premises! 
After weeks of sorting, packing, selling, dumping  and colour coding items, moving day went without a hitch.

Members have rallied to do what they can. Patsy, Beth, Barb, Nat, Carly and Claire spent time cleaning out the additional rooms and the front of house at the railway station. 
Prue and Pat directed the unloading process and began visualising the gallery spaces.

Audrey, Tarla and Gloria got stuck into the kitchen;  people are beginning to see the possibilities. 

We have a couple of movable walls being built by Andrew and John which will give us additional hanging space in the main gallery.

Full Steam ahead.......