Sunday, July 9, 2017


We are nearly half way through the year's program of events and our workshops have been very well received. This month we showcased the work of artist Natalie Castree who is also the artist behind the wonderful exhibition of student work "Carving Our Own Way" in the form of lino prints.

The students from Port Augusta West Primary School focused on design this year and the theme of circles. Congratulations to everyone who participated and especially Nat and Sharron for the work they put into making this happen.

"EMBROIDERY" with  Raelene Clark proved to be a very successful workshop and it seems there is an interest in traditional crafts.

WRITERS͛ THEME - Time. Perspective. Poetry or prose


This month we had another great opportunity to develop skills with Jan Pana.
The "CREATING GREAT DESIGN " workshop saw people developing their own designs for a range of art forms including felting, embroidery, beading and printed fabric.