Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas 2016

We are well and truly established at THE PLATFORM and this year the gallery looks beautiful, thanks to our amazing "styling team". 

The centrepiece made by Prue is making another appearance and the other decorations courtesy of Kerry and her thrifty nature have been stashed away in the store room waiting for the opportunity to shine.

The decorative theme also extended into the second room where we held our Christmas lunch on December 3rd which was catered for by The Test Kitchen. 

It was lovely to have the opportunity to socialise and get to know our members better. 

As we head towards the end of the year we would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and hope everyone is looking forward to our program of events in 2017.

Monday, October 24, 2016


FIBRESPACE Inc. textile artists recently held a retreat/ workshop weekend at THE PLATFORM gallery.

Around 30 people attended including visitors from Lapland. 

Every space in the gallery was well utilised and the great space was appreciated by everyone involved.

You can follow the FIBRESPACE journey at

Video at

Friday, September 30, 2016

Music Club

One of the great things about having a range of groups associated with Curdnatta is the possibility of being entertained while you view the art works.
The music club is currently practicing on most Saturday mornings and working towards their big night in November.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ARID 2016




There are two parallel stories here. The concept of "Life on the Edge” of the universe where new stars are forming, in shapes and forms that we can only imagine, apart from the stunning images from the HUBBLE SPACE CRAFT.

The  “New Born Stars” that have emerged in the Curdnatta Art Group, following our move to new premises in 2015.  With an expanded membership there is a new group of artists who are contributing to the ideas and combined effort of this year’s entry in the Arid Sculptural Event.

The key material being the  circular pottery batts that were left over from the sale of items at the old gallery.

Each participating artist decorated a batt  to create a new star for our galaxy. 

We procured a metal frame and attached a grid to create a box in which the stars hang.

The final feat of getting the structure to the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden was achieved... phew!!  We hope it creates some DELIGHT!..



A great turn out for our first AGM at THE PLATFORM.

Just to put the year into perspective - 12 Months ago at our AGM we were deciding what to take with us to the new gallery and what to sell off.

The next month saw everyone collecting artwork, boxing up materials and selling off unwanted equipment and furniture. The management group met regularly and communicated via email to ensure decisions were made quickly and everything moved along smoothly.

We received a grant from DPTI, which contributed towards removalist fees, setting up the new gallery space with picture hangers, movable walls, blinds and other sundry items. Anne has acquitted this grant.

We moved in to the gallery in September and began the work of getting it ready for Pat’s Exhibition in October. We had several busy bees to attack the back rooms to make them safe and accessible. 

Very early on we received a proposal from Port Augusta Music Club to use one of the back rooms as a meeting room.  We accepted them under the banner of Curdnatta in much the same way as the writers group. They contributed to the setting up by painting and carpeting the room and back hallway and sharing the cost of a ladder etc.
John and Andrew  also built the movable walls  and put up the hanging system.

The early months in the gallery were a time of real change as we focussed on
·      New signage
·      Numbered keys
·      Signing in
·      Procedures booklet
·      New fridge
·      Water Filter
·      Gallery Times and Roster.
·      Pay Pal credit card transactions

EXHIBITIONS -  In the new space … a special thank you to The gallery styling team for their assistance with setting up the gallery.
·      Pat Carter’s Exhibition - “Who is Hillary” - October
·      MELVA’s EXHIBITION – November
·      Christmas Shop
·      Official Opening
·      History Month – celebrating the mural and POWER photographic exhibition.
·      Carving our own way – student exhibition.

Members have contributed to other activities such as
·      Nistico’s Christmas evening
·      Test Kitchen Luncheon
·      West Side Primary School student visits

·      ARID SCULPTURAL event – ongoing.
·      Music Club events
·      AN EVENING with photographer  Tom Putt
·      Other special gallery openings.