Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Carving Our Own Way

The gallery was alive this morning as young people and their families and friends attended the opening of "Carving Our Own Way" an exhibition of  works created by students from Port Augusta West Primary School. 

Under the guidance of Art Teacher Natalie Castree and class teacher Sharron Jones the students explored the techniques of lino printing and worked through all stages of preparing and presenting art works for viewing and sale.

Congratulations to everyone involved. We look forward to more community collaborations such as this .

Friday, June 24, 2016

Meeting Day

Well today was the last meeting before the AGM in July  and how things have changed.

In the music room the Big Band was practicing for their November event.

The Desert Voices were singing on the platform.

The Pichi Richi train travellers were milling through the gallery and all this was happening at the same time we were conducting the meeting.

We have new members adding to the diversity of the gallery and enthusiastic people using the space on a regular basis.

One year ago we were deciding what we would take with us to the new gallery and what we would need to sell.

Things have certainly worked out for the best.