Friday, March 18, 2016

Irish Night

Port Augusta Music Club is associated with the Art Group through membership in the same way as the Port Augusta Writers.

Every Monday evening the UKULELE GROUP meets at the platform for some rollicking good fun.

They and other members of the music club have been working towards the first event of the year, an Irish Night at the Port Augusta Golf Club.

The Music Club played all night and the Golf Club provided a tasty Irish Stew. A great time was had by all.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Busy Fridays

It looks as if Friday is becoming the day for people to gather at THE PLATFORM.
There is usually someone around to give advice and help you with a project. 

Melva will be donating a sewing machine and the small room will be set up for sewing and textile work for interested people.

The opening of the new Cafe has certainly brought more people into the gallery and at times there is quite a buzz about the place. 

Writers gathered last Sunday to work with David Chapple and people who attended the workshop described it as very good, fast paced and successful.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Desert Fringe Markets 2016

Leone, Patsy and Jenny braved the heat to set up a stall at the market this year and Kerry had a stall as well.

The stall looked inviting and the girls made the most of the shade they had. The set up in the park was fantastic however the weather was not particularly kind and people stayed away until it cooled down in the evening.

A gusty wind late afternoon resulted in  stall holders packing up early but at least not much damage was done and we fared better than some.

The evening was very warm but people enjoyed the Fringe performance with Archie Roach being the main attraction.

School Visit

Recently students from Port Augusta West Primary School visited the gallery to see where they will be exhibiting their art work later in the year.

It was great to see so many eager young people exploring the place and discovering more about what we do. 

There was the opportunity to talk to the spinners and weavers and see traditional and electric wheels in action.

We took some interesting photos to record the event and  they even managed to see a train go through.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

An Evening with Tom Putt

We have to thank one of our photographers, Kimberly Cowey, for this fabulous evening with Tom Putt

Kimberly knew Tom would be in South Australia for a series of workshops and suggested, jokingly, that he should come to Port Augusta. 

Tom actually took up the offer and with the added attraction of having some time to take photographs on the family property just north of Port Augusta agreed to talk to our Curdnatta Photography group.

With just over a week to pull everything together we spread the word and 20 lucky people from all around our local region turned up for a great night of fun and learning.

Once again our new space provided the perfect spot for a gathering of people and we all stayed on, chatting, till about 11pm.

Thanks Tom !!! Everyone is very inspired.