Friday, February 19, 2016

A Great Start to 2016.

The new Platform Gallery is off to a great start in 2016. 

The first big event was a collaboration with the Test Kitchen.
Originally Matt Haren came looking for some art work to make the Cooinda Club more appealing for the luncheon events he organises but instead he found us in the middle of moving to our new gallery space and after a quick look around asked if we would host a luncheon at the gallery itself.

This was all rather new to us and some of us were a bit uncertain about going down this path. 
We thought we would wait until we were established and consider the proposal then.

Not long after we opened the doors we were approached by Fil and Maurice Nistico who proposed holding a bit of an end of year gathering for their clients with the intent of introducing them to the new gallery. We decided that people wanting to use the gallery in this way would have to put forward a written proposal for us to consider. We would have to have members present and it would depend on the availability of members for an event to go ahead.

The Christmas show was a success and the TEST KITCHEN came up with their proposal.

The Test Kitchen is about bringing rich social and sensory dining experiences into the lives of older people who too often experience mealtimes alone. Eating alone as an older person can contribute to undernutrition whereas positive social interaction with dining companions increases food intake and overall wellbeing.
One of its  dining concepts is ‘Community Hosted Meals’, where prominent community places that offer a unique and rich sensory or social ambience are transformed into dining rooms for the hosting of meal events. The custodian of the place (group or organisation) is promoted as Host.
These events are also open to the general public.

There were 36 people in attendance at the event at THE PLATFORM and students from Port Augusta Secondary school assisted with setting up the tables, plating and service.The food provided By Matt and Julie-Anne was exemplary.

The Music Club provided some music and Melva, Pat and Georgie acted as hosts on behalf of Curdnatta Art Group.

It was also great to have an exhibition by Fibrespace Inc. on display at the gallery to add a bit of "texture".

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